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How to Choose a Good Web Domain Name

January 25, 2011 By Nicole Dean Leave a Comment

A question I am frequently asked is do you choose a good web domain name for a blog or project you’re working on? What factors do you take into consideration? What’s a deal breaker for you? my answer.

My unbreakable rules for choosing a domain are:

No hyphens. Been there. Done that. Regret it to this day.

No numbers. Do I spell it out “five” or is it the number “5 Nothing difficult to spell. Although I once was really excited about using a domain with the word “catalyst” in it I found that no one could spell the darned thing. I don’t bother with other endings. I would not recommend using “Google”, “Disney”, or any other company name in your URL or prepare to be “ceased and desisted”.

If I’m looking to sell the site down the road, it must be generic enough.

And my big, bad unbreakable rule.

What exactly is the Oprah test? Well, I picture Oprah saying it out loud. Is it wholesale jerseys memorable? Easy to spell?

It’s not just the Oprah test, though. It’s the Willie Crawford test, too. If you’re promoting via audio or video (in webinars, iTunes interviews, on BlogTalkRadio, live radio, TV, or even your own podcast) you need a domain that is EASY to remember. It has to make it into the person’s ears and to his brain and stick.

Plus, honestly, it’s a credibility issue. SCARY. And would you feel comfortable referring it to your friends? Not a chance.

What impression is your domain giving of you?

How to Avoid the REALLY Bad “Oh My GOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT” Web Domain Names?

I’ll also touch on avoiding really bad ones.

Oftentimes when you search for domains you read what you want to see. I recommend you type the domain wholesale jerseys china in all capital letters and show it to a friend before buying. For instance, ending a word with before the word can all of a sudden be misinterpreted.

So, I’ll give you the same advice as I give my friends who are expecting a baby. Run the name by your most juvenile, dirty minded friends before signing on the dotted line. You’d be amazed at how something totally innocent wholesale jerseys from china can go bad cheap jerseys in a big hurry.

I hope this has been helpful. I look forward to seeing YOU on Oprah!

Nicole Dean is the FUN online business coach. If you like to see more tips about choosing a good domain name, check out this post: How to Choose the Right Web Domain Name. Once you got your website up, you need lots of traffic. Read our full Terms of Service.Articles Connexes:

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